Reserve maintained by Vale may be crucial for Brazil’s reforestation goal
30 de julho de 2018
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(Credits: Vale)

An initiative of mining company Vale may help Brazil to achieve its Paris Agreement goal. With nearly 23,000 hectares of Atlantic Rainforest, the Reserva Natural Vale (Vale Natural Reserve, or RNV), maintained by Vale in Linhares, in the northern part of the state of Espírito Santo, may help Brazil reach the goal of reforesting 12 million hectares by 2030. The goal was assumed in the Paris Agreement negotiations in 2015, aimed at limiting the rise in global warming to less than two degrees. The area is the only one in the country that supports studies on forestry and forest restoration through the cultivation of native species, with data collected annually for more than 40 years. The information has attracted interest from researchers and NGOs working with reforestation. “Long-term research can help the Brazilian government meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. And the data on the silviculture of native species that can support the achievement of these goals are coming from the Reserve today,” says agronomist Samir Rolim.

In 2018, RNV completed 40 years as an area officially designated for conservation. The date was celebrated with a special documentary series, with four episodes. It addresses history, biodiversity protection policy, research, and the public use of space. The first film shows how the area was built and brings the last interview of the engineer Eliezer Batista, former president of Vale, who died on June 18. The video (in Portuguese) is already available on V.Doc’s website at Vale and at Youtube channel.

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