Coca-Cola Brasil invests in zero waste program
29 de janeiro de 2018
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A global compromise set by The Coca-Cola Company establishes a new – an ambitious – goal to reduce waste: recovering 100% of its packages by 2030. In Brazil, the company has a five-year, US$500 million project aimed especially at achieving this goal.

Coca-Cola Brasil already provides proper recovery for 51% of its packages and aims to reach 66% by 2020. The company implemented programs such as Bottle to Bottle – using recycled material – and other to support 200 recycling cooperatives in the country. “The figures show that we have been working consistently, which gives us confidence and encouragement to achieve, here in Brazil, the 2030 goal of having 100% of our packaging destined properly. We must do this because it is right and it is what people expect from a leading company like ours”, said Henrique Braun, president for Brazil at the company.

Among the company’s initiatives, packaging reuse actions are focused on the goal of doubling the share of returnables in the portfolio, reaching 30% in five years (2016-2020). As for the redesign action, plastic bottles in use these days have about 20% less weight than those produced 10 years ago. And, since 2008, Coca-Cola Brasil has invested continuously in the training of recycling cooperatives and social inclusion initiatives aimed at collectors.

Recycling of beverage cans at Novelis factory (Credits: Miriam Fitchner)
Recycling of beverage cans at Novelis factory (Credits: Miriam Fitchner)
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