Banco do Brasil discusses innovation in communication
28 de novembro de 2019
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There are many striking facts in the trajectory of more than two centuries of the first official bank in Brazil. In 1866, Banco do Brasil ceased to issue currency, which is the responsibility of the Mint and became Brazil’s main depositor and loan provider. In 1888, it began to finance the replacement of slave labor by European immigrants and agricultural production. In 1906, BB shares reached the stock exchange.

With the move of the capital city of Brazil in 1960, BB’s headquarters is moved from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia. In the second half of the twentieth century, the bank gained more vitality and established itself as an innovative institution. It built the world’s first consortium, launched the Gold Check, opened overseas branches, developed agricultural credit, and invested in sports marketing.

In 1985, it created the BB Foundation, which is still an important instrument for social transformation in the country. One year later, it received the green light to operate in all market segments, starting our evolution as a financial conglomerate. In 1989, it opened the first CCBB (Banco do Brasil Cultural Center), in Rio de Janeiro – three others would come later, in Brasilia, São Paulo, and Belo Horizonte. In 1987, BB diversified retail and launched Ourocard, the first multi-use card in the Brazilian market. In 1994, with the introduction of the Real as the new currency of the country, it was responsible for the largest physical currency exchange ever made in the world, replacing the entire current environment in Brazil.

In 1999, it became the first mobile banking in the country, and the following year, an internet portal. In 2017, BB was certified by B3 in the State Governance Highlight Program. In 2018, it started carrying out transactions via WhatsApp, intensifying market performance by data.

In 2019, the Banco do Brasil Datacenter received international certification and is a reference for companies around the world. It has also been recognized as the most sustainable bank in the world in the Global 100 ranking and has rejoined the DJSI World portfolio. It also stands out in the field of communication – Aberje’s specialty – and the use of data intelligence to conduct business.


In the age of big data, a huge amount of information is generated per second on the internet. BB uses data analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Firebase (desktop and mobile analytical platforms) to take assertive, personalized, business-focused approaches to digital media.

The strategy has integrated management, with a matrix team of 39 professionals from various areas of BB and WMcCann advertising agency for business effectiveness and dynamism in decision-making in communication actions. In 2019, 43 campaigns were performed via the performance table, with almost 2,700 ads integrated with traditional advertising campaigns. Individual microentrepreneurs already account for 42% of all such accounts opened by the bank. The Easy Account opening products for individuals and credit card applications for non-account holders are also highlights, representing 30% of the participation of the result of these products.

For BB’s Director of Marketing and Communication, Alexandre Alves, marketing operations need to be increasingly dynamic, integrated and in real-time. “We need to measure, analyze, optimize, and repeat this cycle. All this with agility and assertiveness. Data analysis guarantees us consistent performance,” he says. Campaign configuration takes place at all times, seeking continuous improvements for better business performance with each approach.

BB Digital Marketing Executive Manager Paula Sayão says that the company’s strategy is to keep all areas 100% oriented to business generation. “This means more efficiency in the volume of resources invested, as well as more accurate communication, arriving at the right time and the right time for the consumer,” explains Paula.

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