25 de julho de 2019

Juan Carlos Gozzer and Cleber Martins are new partners at LLYC

LLYC, a global communications and public relations consultancy, has incorporated two new partners into its structure: Juan Carlos Gozzer, Managing Director of the Southern Region, and Cleber Martins, Managing Director of LLYC Brazil.

With these two appointments, the company now has 21 partners, 10 of them with professional presence in Latin America and the USA and 11 of them working in Europe.

“Brazil is one of the key markets for the company, and the two professionals showed an excellent trajectory, which led us to position ourselves as one of the leading communication and public relations consultancy companies in the country. The fact that they are two in-house professionals also demonstrates that we were able to create the ideal conditions for professional development within the company, which is a source of pride for us,” said the founding partner and president of LLYC, José Antonio Llorente.

“Brazil became LLYC’s second-largest operation, between 16 offices and 13 countries, just after Madrid. Besides, the result adds to the company’s good performance in the Southern Cone,” says Juan Carlos Gozzer.

“We were especially pleased because the news also represents the recognition of the advancements of our operation in Brazil and its leading role in LLYC’s global growth,” says Cleber Martins.

About Juan Carlos Gozzer

Juan Carlos began his professional career at LL&C in 2008 as a senior consultant in the digital communication area in Madrid.  He specializes in Digital, Corporate Communication and reputation management and engagement projects. He has worked on representative projects throughout Latin America with clients such as Cisneros Group, Petrobras, LATAM, CCR, Softys, EDP, Oracle, Scania, Geopark, Grunenthal, American Tower, among many others.

About Cleber Martins

Cleber Martins joined LLYC in 2017 after leaving the vice presidency of Cohn & Wolfe Machine, a WPP Group agency, to replace Juan Carlos Gozzer. A journalist and lawyer, he has held different positions for 15 years at Folha de S.Paulo, one of Brazil’s leading newspapers, including that of the business editor and deputy editor of economics. In the area of corporate communication, he led relevant projects in major Brazilian companies.

Alejandro Romero, Cleber Martins, Juan Carlos Gozzer and Jose Antonio Llorente


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