26 de October de 2022

P3K hires Consuelo Ribeiro as the new communication coordinator

The professional is now responsible for the technical direction of the team of Communication Analysts

P3K, an agency specializing in Internal Communication and Endomarketing, has a new Communication Coordinator for the area of Communication and Service: Consuelo Ribeiro.

Many factors led to Ribeiro taking this position: her skills in conducting projects, the relationship and in-depth knowledge of the daily lives of clients, the strategic background in internal communication, and the alignment with the values of P3K in all areas in which he worked.

“Steering the team of Communication Analysts, she has performed a work that ensures us propose solutions that align the expectations of both sides, having the relationship as our main commitment,” says Laryssa Almeida, Communication and Service Manager at P3K Communication.



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