06 de October de 2023

Aberje Launches Newsletter with Economic Panorama


The first edition of the “Aberje Economic Panorama Bulletin – Guidelines for the Budget of Communication 2024” has just been published by Aberje’s new Center for Economic Studies and Analysis Applied to Communication, with economist Leonardo Müller as Chief Economist. The newsletter has been sent to all members by email and compiles a series of indicators to assist the Manager-Communicator in planning and managing the budget for 2024.

“Together with the country’s main economic indicators, the Bulletin brings data generated by Aberje through its research,” says Müller. “The role of Aberje Network in our research is crucial. The greater the participation, the greater the reliability of the estimates and, consequently, the better the feedback we can offer to the network.”

Müller points out that the primary purpose of this material is to provide supporting material for the planning of the budget of the organization’s communication area. “We want the Bulletin to be useful. Network feedback is important for us, and thus, we are open to suggestions,” he says.

The creation of the Chief Economist role, the Center for Economic Studies and Analysis Applied to Communication, and the newsletter have completed previous initiatives of Aberje to measure the economic impact of the area of communication in the country, such as the Research and the Study of the Budget. “We hope that the newsletter will also assist in the laborious task of defending the importance of communication for organizations and the economy as a whole,” he says.

An episode of the FalAcao Podcast with Leonardo Müller as a guest was also released this month. In it, he shared more details about the new newsletter of the Aberje Study Center.



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