26 de April de 2023

Aberje discloses its positions on the Fake News Bill (PL 2630/2020)


On April 25, Brazil’s Federal Congress approved the emergency regime for processing the Fake News Bill. Although some segments of society profess the lack of specific legislation for this issue, there is a remarkable consensus among citizens that the subject needs regulation. In the European Union, for example, that is a reality.

Not for any other reason, Aberje has joined the main journalistic entities in agreeing that approving the initiative is positive. And, as lawmakers have understood, it is also an urgent need. There are several global surveys on the subject. One is from Ipsos Institute and places Brazilians among the world’s most prominent victims of disinformation campaigns.

Although this institutional position is clear, we feel obliged to show the various views that go through different industries. Notably, we highlight the framework of the Aberje Alliance to Combat Fake News, a business movement against disinformation, which was born within our association by the will of the foremost communication leaders of Brazil. We also emphasize that it is necessary to keep the focus on the discussions in this specific bill, not distorting the theme to others, such as media regulation.

We know that regulation entails opportunities and challenges, especially regarding the interpretation and the consequent responsible use of the new legal prerogatives given to the public authorities regarding the circulation or not of messages in the media and social networks. Therefore, the Aberje Alliance to Combat Fake News will be open to giving space and portraying the heterogeneity of opinions in the business environment surrounding information disorder.



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