18 de January de 2022

LLYC expands operation focusing on ESG specialty


Service focuses on knowledge generation and solutions to ESG challenges and risk mitigation in “ESG washing.”

LLYC has expanded its growth bet in Brazil with the launch of the ESG specialty in early 2022.

The leading consultancy in Latin America brought back Anatricia Borges, a journalist who has been working for more than 20 years in Corporate Communication, including roles in NGOs such as Vocação (SP) and Cinema Nosso (RJ), and companies such as Infoglobo and Iberdrola. She returns to LLYC, where much of her career was dedicated to the Communication of Energy and Sustainability.

The new ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) area is one of the main bets of the operation in 2022. Its uniqueness lies in the experience, knowledge, relationship, and participation of the new LLYC ESG team in global and national forums, generating knowledge and solutions to the numerous challenges in ESG in managing private and state companies and civil society organizations. In addition, LLYC has a Global ESG Council, which analyses, debates, and proposes ESG solutions, considering the different contexts and scenarios of the 20 countries in which the consultancy is present.

“We have lived through two challenging years with the pandemic, with the rise of the acronym ESG as an important milestone in this moment of transition towards more conscious capitalism, with the emergence of terms, such as the circular economy, that impact our way of doing, participating, and contributing to society. The structuring of our ESG area contemplated all these aspects to provide knowledge to our clients in overcoming this collective challenge, considering the mitigation of ESG-Washing risks, as we saw in 2021,” says Borges.

The new ESG area expands LLYC’s service offering, having as its priority to contribute to the understanding that ESG is not just another wave or a challenge to be overcome individually, but that it integrates and requires a cultural transformation in the management of companies, governments, and CSOs, bringing together diverse knowledge and multiple specialties, in the challenging collective ESG journey. Its service offering ranges from training, structuring ESG areas, unifying integrated indicators, producing GRI reports with integrated ESG reporting, and training of corporate governance to assess and validate ESG indicators.

“There is a differentiated methodology with a lot of intelligence in this offer, making it the number 1 Communication consultancy in Spain and Latin America. In ESG management, we will bring this LLYC DNA and purpose to the daily lives of our clients, with very positive indicators, such as dozens of women in leadership positions in the countries where we have a presence, and pro bono actions, which mobilize, annually, hundreds of volunteers from the Llorente & Cuenca Foundation around the world,” says Borges.



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