22 de February de 2022

Aberje releases 2021 activity report


Aberje has released the 2021 activity report for its network of associates

The document provides an account of all the Association’s actions. “All these activities were only possible thanks to the associative spirit of the professionals who are part of our network and the solid institutional partnerships”, says the opening text of the report, signed by Paulo Nassar, CEO of Aberje and professor at ECA-USP, and Hamilton dos Santos, executive director.

“The pandemic has empowered even more the role of communication professionals – one that was gaining traction within companies and has achieved protagonism. It’s about the tactical importance and support to the inner features of organizations and its strategic role in them. Characterized not only by the tactical importance and support to the internal areas of organizations, Communication also stood out for its strategic function,” they wrote.

Among challenges in the economic and social spheres, Aberje adapted and maintained a robust membership, reaching 806 associates in December – a growth of 13.2% in 2021.

We credit this vigor, mainly, to maintaining an environment of exchange and sharing of experiences provided by the Association, chiefly on ESG topics.



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