11 de julho de 2016

New International Webinar Courses in Crisis Management

The first course of the International Business Communication Course Aberje / Syracuse University took place in 2006, which grew out of the partnership between the two institutions. Ten years later, a version consistent with the newest trends in education – the Pocket Edition – offers distance learning (webinars) with a focus on Crisis Management.

The International Course in Corporate Communications was created to align the Brazilian market with international trends in organizational communications. During the course, Brazilian students will also be able to share their successful experiences with professionals from other countries.

In the Pocket Edition of the international course, professionals will have the opportunity to discuss, in depth, the issue of crisis management, based on the idea that professionals in communications are the guardians of the reputation of a company. To achieve this it is necessary to efficiently manage communication resources – internal processes, relationships with stakeholders, alignment of what is done and what is said and the monitoring of perceptions. With all these mechanisms in place it must be recognized that organizations are still subject to the challenges of a crisis. Thus, crisis management is one of the most demanding areas in the communications field, especially, at present, in what we call the Information Age. Techniques and tools to prevent, manage and understand the emerging image of a crisis will be some of the topics covered in the course. The course will consist of classroom and distance learning with teachers from Syracuse University. The full description and schedule of the course can be found on the site.


About the institutions

University of Syracuse – The Faculty at the Newshouse School of Communications Management, University of Syracuse, New York / USA, is recognized by professionals in the US as one of the best Public Relations and Organizational Communication programs in the country. Among their alumni are names like the US Vice President Joseph Biden, the co-founder of MTV, John Sykes, and the president of Fox Sports, Ed Goren.

Aberje – Brazilian Corporate Communications Association is the main reference center in Brazil for the production and dissemination of knowledge and business practices. Founded in 1967, Aberje is a professional and scientific nonprofit organization that aims to strengthen communication in companies and institutions, and promote the value of the communicator.





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