08 de January de 2023

Aberje Condemns January 8th Attack Against Government Institutions


Aberje – Brazilian Association for Business Communication strongly condemns the attacks against public institutions and the crimes committed on Sunday, January 8, 2023, in Brasília.

The prosperity of business and the dialogue between institutions and society are only possible in a country where there is a working democracy and respect for elections and state institutions. These are also non-negotiable conditions necessary for the proper functioning of an economy and for a thriving and dynamic Brazilian business environment.

One must not confuse freedom of speech and demonstrations with the incitement and commission of crimes. It is essential that institutions fulfill their role and that those responsible for the attacks are punished according to the law.

We hope that democracy and the rule of law will be further strengthened after these regrettable events and that the country can turn its focus back to economic and social development.



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