17 de June de 2021

Veracel promotes Diversity Week and highlights commitment to respect and inclusion


The action aims to value and recognize differences and encourage a more respectful work environment

Veracel, a pulp company located in southern Bahia, promoted in June the second edition of its Diversity and Inclusion Week. On occasion, it signed pacts for diversity with benchmark institutions. The purpose of the signatures was to confirm the company’s commitment to actions to value diversity, respect, and inclusion in its work environment. The Diversity Week featured lectures by invited experts and company employees, who clarified concepts about diversity and inclusion, gave testimonies, and provided a space for questions.

The Week’s activities are part of an initiative whose mission is promoting diversity and inclusion in the company, engaging people in the theme, and encouraging a work environment where all people feel included and have equity of opportunity. Moreover, it seeks to sensitize employees of Veracel and partner companies to reflect on how to adopt and practice respect and inclusion in their daily lives.

“Our Diversity and Inclusion Week was an opportunity for us to reflect and learn about the role of each one to increasingly expand a culture of respect, dialogue, and acceptance,” says Carlos Gomes, Legal Coordinator at Veracel and leader of the Inclusive Company initiative.

The signing of the pacts is also part of the initiative by mapping essential goals for expanding diversity and inclusion of the company in the coming years.

The Inclusive Veracel Company initiative began in 2020, creating a committee of volunteers from different areas and positions in the company. Currently made up of 26 people, it works in other WGs focused on gender, race, and ethnicity, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA people, and generations.



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