20 de January de 2022

SONDA Brasil implements the Department of Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG)


The goal is to strengthen the relationship with federal, state, and municipal governments and private and public institutions

SONDA, the leader in digital transformation in Latin America, announces the creation of the Vice-Presidency of Institutional and Governmental Relations (RIG). The company intends to get closer to opinion makers, customers, and partners, strengthening the brand before government institutions, both at federal, state, and municipal levels. In search of consolidation in the Brazilian market, the second most important for the company’s business, behind Chile, SONDA has hired Loren Spíndola and Natália Mourão, both with vast experience in the segment, to act as managers of Government and Institutional Relations.

According to Alexandre Rocha Pinheiro, now vice-president of Institutional and Government Relations, implementing the area is part of a business decision that had broad support from the head office in Chile. “It was a project that had been in the works for a long time. Fortunately, we managed to finish it before the turn of the year,” he says.

For Loren Spíndola, SONDA has well-established values and many success stories in its history. “I want to add my knowledge to the team, which is driven by positive guidelines,” she says. Natália Mourão emphasizes strengthening ties with partners, aiming at a solid and fruitful relationship. “We have defined goals, and we are determined to achieve them,” she says.



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