19 de January de 2022

Aberje survey: 70% of global and domestic companies adopt hybrid return to work


In a consultative survey, member companies reported that the Omicron variant interfered with the hybrid return for most organizations

The return of back-office workers to the actual offices has been occurring in a hybrid way for almost 70% of global and domestic companies, according to a survey recently carried out by the Brazilian Association for Business Communication – Aberje with its associates. In all, 221 organizations from various industries took part in the survey.

The new variant Omicron of the coronavirus interfered in planning new policies and work models for 76.5% of the companies consulted by the association, either by postponing the return to the office or by returning to the remote model to assess the health situation.

The hybrid model of work adopted by 69.7% of the respondents is planned differently by the companies: in 44.2% of them, employees work 2 x 3 (two days a week at the office and the other three from home); in 40.3% of organizations, the model is 3 x 2. Most companies (48.2%) have already returned to one of these types of models.

“We realized the importance of a consultation on this subject based on the requests of our associates who were looking for studies and local references on current work models in Brazil,” says Thalita Dominato, responsible for Aberje’s Association Development area.



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