12 de July de 2021

Aberje launches a guide for companies to combat fake news


A pioneer in Brazil, the guide provides guidance for organizations to identify vulnerable areas and create a contingency plan

Aberje has just launched the Practical Manual for Dealing with Misinformation in Companies, a pioneering guide specially designed to help organizations address the issue of fake news, especially in the corporate environment.

This is an initiative of the Aberje Alliance project to Combat Fake News, the first business movement created in Brazil to address misinformation. In the manual, it will be possible to find guidance to verify if the organization is internally prepared to face misleading information, identify the most vulnerable areas, set up a contingency plan, and define the role of its leaders in dealing with false news.

“We realized that there is a growing need in organizations to include misinformation in compliance, in the risk matrix, and as part of meeting the ESG criteria,” says Hamilton dos Santos, general director of Aberje. “That’s why we created this basic protocol on how to deal with fake news.”

The Practical Manual for Dealing with Disinformation in Companies also contains a glossary of the main terms on misinformation, a list of the leading checking agencies in Brazil, and a list of free training on fake news.


About Aberje Alliance

Entitled “Aberje Alliance to Combat Fake News – Business Movement Against Misinformation,” the initiative is based on the code of principles of the International Fack-checking Network of the Poynter Institute commitments with non-partisanship, with sources, with accountability, transparency, and honesty.



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