Aberje defines its theme for 2021
22 de December de 2020
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With 700 affiliated organizations, the association keeps approaching ESG topics

Aberje dedicated the year 2020 to Non-Violent Communication, an approach that aims to improve the way people relate to each other, promoting effective dialogue. In 2021, Aberje will focus on promoting the new Theme of the Year: Communication and Ethical Capital.

The choice of theme was based on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) agenda, gaining momentum in financial markets across the globe. This will increasingly guide companies’ actions.

According to Aberje’s CEO and professor at ECA-USP, Paulo Nassar, this agenda was seen as external to shareholders’ interests until recently. It is increasingly guiding the engagement of large institutional investors. “The promise of new sources of financing for the Brazilian economy, channeled by the ESG agenda – an agenda that in several points converges with the ideals defended by Aberje – opens the perspective of a new basis for the multiplication of business and organizational narratives.

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