30 de março de 2020

Portal Aberje’s Coronavirus Special

(Imagem: Dimitri Karastelev/Unsplash)
(Imagem: Dimitri Karastelev/Unsplash)

In the past few weeks, news about the new coronavirus and Covid-19 has grown significantly, spreading a flood of information into the public, whether it’s relevant content or fake news.

Therefore, Aberje has launched its “Coronavirus Special” for its associates, aiming at sharing content and best practices of organizations to face the crisis. How are companies and employees behaving in the face of an unprecedented situation? What guidelines and contingency plans are being adopted to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus among employees?

Over the next weeks, we will disclose content to support members in disseminating what can be done at each stage of the spread of the disease, as well as alerting the general population.

Check the portal (in Portuguese) here: https://www.aberje.com.br/especial-coronavirus-portal-aberje/



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