Mining industry opens its 1st innovation hub in Brazil
19 de dezembro de 2018
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WeWork, the largest network of workspaces in the world, announces the arrival in Brazil of a pioneering initiative for the global mining industry. Partnering with some of the main players in the sector, the company opens in December an innovation center for startups, entrepreneurs, mining companies, and companies that are part of the industry supply chain. The Mining Hub will occupy one of the six floors of the WeWork building in Belo Horizonte (state of Minas Gerais). The hub’s goal is to generate innovation applied to the challenges of industrial mining, one of the main economic activities of the country.


The project, which has the support of the Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM), an associated institution of Aberje, is unprecedented for bringing together all players from the same industry interested in working together to develop solutions to common strategic and operational challenges. They are divided into five areas: Safety (Operational and Occupational Safety and Health); Water Management; Alternative Energy Sources; Operational Efficiency; and Waste Management. For that, for one year, entrepreneurs and startups will be accelerated in three- or four-month cycles, with the support of Neo Ventures, a company with a long history in accelerating startups and open innovation programs for corporations.

“For some time, we have realized that innovation is a fundamental pillar for the transformation of the mining activity in our country. We already have the participation of Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, ArcelorMittal, CBMM, CSN, Gerdau, Kinross, Nexa, Samarco, Usiminas, and Vale and I am convinced that, together, we can transform Mining Hub into an important trading and learning space that will generate a positive impact on the entire chain and stakeholders in the industry,” says Gustavo Roque – Ferrous Management and Innovation Manager and coordinator of the initiative.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the center will provide access to a joint open innovation program, with lower cost and complexity, better structure and greater agility when compared to individual programs. Companies such as Haver Brasil, IHM Stefanini, ISQ, Petronas, and ThyssenKrupp have already confirmed their presence in the space.

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