21 de June de 2021

Vivo directs sponsorships to promote diversity in art


The second season of Teatro ao Vivo em Casa is dedicated to shows that promote reflection on ethnic-racial themes and strengthen Black artists and their works

Vivo announced the second season of Teatro Vivo em Casa for 2021, with four themed shows entirely focused on Black diversity and culture. Among the highlights is the premiere of show “Cartola’s Jazz”, performed by Guilherme Sant’Anna, with Jonatan Harold on the piano. The monologues “Anja”, with Angela Peres, and “Preta Rainha,” with Aysha Nascimento, are also part of the program. The debut show is the award-winning “Monkeys,” written, directed, and performed by Clayton Nascimento. Tickets are free and limited, available through the @vivo.cultura platform on Instagram. Presentations take place on Saturdays at 9 pm.

“Vivo is a diverse and inclusive brand. For this reason, throughout the Teatro Vivo em Casa programming and in our different art initiatives, we always seek to give voice to the talents that represent diversity. The theater is an important means to debate issues of race and give representation to Black culture and artists, which is why we dedicated a whole season to the theme,” says Marina Daineze, Head of Brand and Communication at Vivo.

The criteria for choosing the shows are based on the breadth of themes and features of the artists. “Monkeys,” a play that collected more than 15 awards nationwide, is inspired by a genuine moment lived by the artist Clayton Nascimento. “Preta Rainha” portrays a Black mother who at Carnival is treated as a goddess, but who in her daily life is oppressed in the most different ways.

“Anja” is inspired by the work of the actress Angela Perez, bringing social, spiritual, and emotional themes in the search for her completeness as a Black woman. Finally, the showl “Cartola’s Jazz”, which premieres at Teatro Vivo em Casa, brings the life and work of Cartola, considered by many to be the greatest samba artist in the history of Brazilian music and an essential representative of Black culture.


Vivo maintains the internal Vivo Diversity program, launched in 2018 and based on the pillars of Gender, LGBTI, People with Disabilities, and Race. The company has an affinity group, Vivo Afro, to debate the topic and propose initiatives to combat social invisibility. In 2020, it launched the “Fábulas da Conexão” project, with four short films that show stories that unite technology with elements inspired by fantastic realism and Brazilian narratives. In April 2021, it brought to the debate Colorism, a term used to nullify and differentiate people, classifying them by their skin tone. In partnership with the Modo Parités Institute, it launched a career development program for afro-descendant employees to promote self-knowledge and develop professional skills.

In 2020, Vivo was ranked 2nd in the Racial Equality in Companies index – IIRE, an initiative of the Zumbi dos Palmares University that surveyed 23 companies on affirmative action to reduce racial inequality.



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