30 de November de 2020

TIM creates conscious keyboard against racial bias


App developed for Black Awareness Month alerts about the use of racist expressions and words, explains the origin, and suggests replacement terms

The power to banish everyday expressions and words that carry racist biases is at someone’s fingertips. In the month of Black Consciousness, TIM has launched an application that alerts users to the use of prejudiced words, explains the origin of terms, and proposes replacements. The TIM Conscious Keyboard is free, easy to use, and contributes to the deconstruction of structural racism.

“Education is key in the evolution towards a more inclusive society. We wanted to collaborate on this journey, using our technology to reach more people. That was where the idea to create the keyboard came from, an action created by our agency, HavasPlus, in partnership with academics and black professionals from consultancy Vírgula. Removing racist expressions from our vocabulary reinforces empathy, the ability to put oneself in the place of the other and build a future without prejudice,” says Ana Paula Castello Branco, director of Advertising and Brand Management at TIM.

To use the keyboard, one must only download the app, which will be available for free for iOS and Android. The tool is visible when the user types his texts on social networks or communication applications, for example, and automatically highlights words and expressions considered inappropriate. By clicking on these terms, the Keyboard Consciente TIM explains why they are deemed racist and offers options for their replacement – just like a social spell checker.

The launch of the TIM Consciente Keyboard is connected to TIM’s diversity and inclusion program. The carrier has been advancing more and more on this journey and launched, three months ago, its affinity groups – including one with a racial theme – with 500 employees to support the company in the evolution to an ever more inclusive corporate environment.



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