Suellen Moraes is Ball’s new Diversity and Inclusion Manager for South America
03 de May de 2021
  • Português

With a focus on Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay, she will push women’s leadership policies, develop more diverse personnel selection processes and promote an inclusive organizational culture.

Suellen Moraes was appointed Ball’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager for South America. In her new position, Suellen – which works for the company for ten years – will take on the challenge of implementing HR policies and complying with indicators in a strategic area of Ball.

The Diversity and Inclusion Plan has three fundamental axes: generating a more diverse workforce, training and raising awareness among employees at all hierarchical levels, and creating a more inclusive work environment.

Suellen worked at Ball in the area of Corporate Communications and Community Relations. In all these years of experience, she has been deeply acquainted with the company’s work culture and leading projects for the educational development and quality of life of the communities close to Ball’s facilities. From her new position, he will help Ball become a more open, inclusive, and diverse company

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