24 de October de 2022

Mercado Livre seeks new forest conservation and regeneration projects for investment in 2023

About 30% of the R$ 87 million+ already foreseen since 2021 is still available

Mercado Livre, a leading e-commerce and financial services company in Latin America, announced the opening of a call for a new round of investments in forest conservation and regeneration projects from 2023. Launched in Brazil two years ago, the Regenera América program supports initiatives in the region’s main biomes, which house 40% of the planet’s biodiversity. In June 2022, the program arrived in Mexico and expanded the number of supported Brazilian projects. About 30% of the R$ 87 million+ already foreseen since 2021 is still available. Registrations are open on digital platforms up to December 9. The selected initiatives will be announced by April 2023.

Regenera América is one of the main positive impact initiatives present in the sustainability strategy of Mercado Livre, which invests a value proportional to its carbon footprint in conservation and regeneration projects that will generate future credits.

Over the past two years, project curation has been proactively conducted by Mercado Livre and Pachama, a startup that uses satellite data and artificial intelligence to protect and manage ecosystems.

“We are focused on taking concrete action as we move forward in our strategy to have the least impact in the shortest possible time. “Protecting our biodiversity through conservation and natural regeneration is proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat climate change and its effects,” said Guadalupe Marin, Director of Sustainability for Latin America.

Since 2016, Mercado Livre has measured its footprint with increasingly accurate indicators, which is the basis of its carbon management for traceability of environmental variables and sustainable business growth. Currently – considering the investment made in 2021 and 2022 – the program expects to capture another 930,000 tons of CO2 in 30 years from the operation in more than 6,200 hectares, where it will plant more than 1 million trees and restore more than 10.5 million.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS Regenera América 2023

Deadline for applications: 12/09/2022

Where: Digital form

Dissemination of selected projects: Until 04/2023

Questions or suggestions: sustentabilidade@mercadolivre.com



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