27 de May de 2021

LATAM Group announces that it will be zero waste to landfill by 2027 and carbon neutral by 2050


LATAM Group has announced its sustainability strategy for the next 30 years, including four pillars of work: environmental management, climate change, circular economy, and shared value. The lines of action were developed with environmental experts and organizations from across the continent. They involve an investment of around US$ 100 million over ten years.

Regarding the climate change pillar, the group announced that it will work to reduce its emissions through the incorporation of sustainable fuels and new aviation technologies that, it is estimated, will be available from 2035.

By developing a portfolio of conservation projects and other initiatives, the LATAM group will seek to offset 50% of domestic emissions by 2030, establishing a path to be carbon neutral by 2050. LATAM and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will collaborate to identify conservation projects, protecting iconic ecosystems such as the Amazon, the Chaco, the Orinoco plains, the Atlantic Forest, and the Cerrado.

In the circular economy front, the LATAM group is committed to promoting a culture of elimination, reduction, reuse, and recycling throughout the operation to reach 2027 as a group that generates zero waste for landfills. To that end, single-use plastics will be phased out by 2023, products on board will be replaced with compostable, recyclable, or certified items, and all VIP lounges will become 100% sustainable.

In the shared value pillar, the group will expand its capacity to transport people and cargo for health programs and care for the environment and natural disasters. It is worth notice that, since the beginning of the pandemic, thanks to Avião Solidário initiative, more than 34 million vaccines have been transported free of charge, in addition to more than 1,400 health professionals, and more than 520 tons of medical supplies and more than 1,500 human organs and tissues throughout South America.

As for environmental management, the LATAM group will implement a transparent and auditable system, which will make it possible to take into account the environment variables of all the group’s processes and operations. The environmental certification will be the IEnvA granted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and a reference in the sector.



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