24 de February de 2023

Brian Lott, Chair of the Page Society, meets with Aberje’s communication group in Rio de Janeiro

LiderCom's international meeting addressed the trends and the future of corporate communication, from the perspective of Page, an American association of senior communication professionals

Members of LiderCom – the association’s exclusive group of Corporate Communications leaders –, associates, and special guests gathered on February 23 in Rio de Janeiro to welcome guest Brian Lott, current Chair of Page Society, the largest association of senior communication professionals in the United States. Lott is also CCO of Mubadala, an investment firm and sponsor of the 2023 Rio Open tennis tournament.

In addition to addressing trends for communicators, the meeting promoted a discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence on communication and relations between companies and politics. “This event is important for us to update on a subject with a global point of view, so we have an overview of all the trends of communication,” said Hamilton dos Santos, Executive Director of Aberje, who presented the current figures of the association.

In his speech, Lott discussed the rise of new business models, stressed that new voices ask companies to create social value, and commented that data allows deep personalization and information storage.

According to him, significantly higher expectations are driven by increasing demands for stakeholder capitalism; challenges in the workplace – new ways of working, mental health, etc.; accelerating digital transformation; disruption in business; opposing economic currents; supply chain, globalization, and nationalism issues; hyperpolarization – the attack on the truth and war for talents; and pressure of employees on the C-level of organizations.

Lott pointed out that many CCOs advance in their purposes, but the lack of skills and resources leads to daily problems. “CCOs and their teams need strong leadership skills, sophisticated global socio-political-economic intelligence, excellent stakeholder engagement efforts, a digital mindset, and agile ways to work,” he listed. “We need to create value for all audiences. CCOs should be at the heart of the multisectoral approach.”

Regarding ESG criteria, Lott focused on the impacts of actions on the environment, society, and governance policies. “Increasingly, stakeholders of all kinds, starting with employees, want companies to position themselves and defend public policies,” he said.

For Lott, companies neglect shareholder value responsibility, wasting resources and pursuing indescribable goals. “To build business processes, it is necessary to align the objectives of the operational plan, define performance incentives, address governance issues and processes, establish investor expectations, and make social value a permanent part of corporate strategic planning,” he said.

The speech was well-received by associates.

“Getting to know the ideas and having the opportunity to talk to Brian Lott about the trends and future of communications, including topics such as stakeholder capitalism and communication opportunities in the sport industry, was an amazing experience. We also could learn more about the work carried out by Page Society and Mubadala. The world is changing quickly, opening up business opportunities and challenges. We have to understand them and evaluate them to advance as pioneers,” said Rogério Louro, Director of Corporate Communication and PR of Nissan do Brasil, in a statement on LinkedIn.

“We appreciate Aberje and the Page Society for the opportunity to reflect on the trends of corporate communication, with the excellent chat with Brian Lott, and for the pleasant day alongside colleagues in the Rio Chapter,” said Renata Petrocelli, Communications Superintendent at Eletrobras.

Bruna De Frias, Senior Manager of Brand and Performance Experience at Energisa, said: “It was a great opportunity to exchange experience and generate insights. Thanks, Aberje, for the invitation”.



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