18 de October de 2022

Bracell develops an innovative and sustainable project for the use of water

The company is the first in the pulp sector in the state of Sao Paulo to adopt effluent treatment in three phases

Bracell, a global leader in the production of soluble pulp and part of the RGE group, has taken its commitment to sustainability and invested increasingly in innovative models in all its operations. The company – which owns the greenest and most modern pulp mill in the world – has developed a sustainable project for the conscious use of water with the treatment of effluent in three phases and has become the first in the pulp sector in the state of Sao Paulo to adopt this measure. As a result, about 95% of the water collected from the Tiete River returns to the river after the industrial process as treated effluent.

The water used in the plant is captured from the Tiete River, located 22 km from Lençois Paulista (SP), where the treated effluent is also released. After use in the production process, water is destined for the effluent treatment system, carried out in three stages. The first removes the fibers, the second treats the organic matter, and the third filters the effluent, which is then returned to the Tiete River.

“Our factory was designed to have one of the lowest water consumption per ton of pulp produced. In addition, water treatment and wastewater treatment plants are the best in class with Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Clarifier to ensure that it is clean and non-staining. Bracell stands out for being sustainable and for innovations on several fronts, seeking parameters above environmental laws requirements, such as rational use of water, tertiary treatment of effluents, and alternative production of electric energy, free of fossil fuels”, explains Alexandre Figueiredo, Senior Industrial Manager at Bracell.

The intelligent dispersion system developed by the company contributes to a better result in color reduction. It makes the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in effluents the lowest practiced in the whole sector.

In July, the company announced an unprecedented and innovative initiative to support biodiversity protection called “One-to-One Commitment.” Bracell has committed to conserving 1 hectare of native vegetation for every 1 hectare of planted eucalyptus, and the goal is to reach 100% of the target by 2025. To learn more about this project and the entire technological and sustainable process of the Bracell plant, visit https://www.bracell.com.



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