28 de December de 2020

2021 will redefine the 21st century, says Accenture Interactive study


The year will be marked by seven trends, indicating new paths for business, consumers and society

At the same time that the Covid-19 crisis has redefined the functioning of economies and society as a whole in 2020, human creativity is responsible for a series of innovations that will remain for the next decades. Accenture’s “Fjord Trends 2021” (NYSE: ACN) shows that organizations will have more and more opportunities to explore territories by adopting strategies, services, and experiences that meet consumers’ needs.

This is the 14th edition of this series of annual studies by Accenture Interactive’s global network of designers and creative teams.

“History has already taught us that after a global crisis comes a new era of thinking,” says Mark Curtis, director of innovation and leadership at Accenture Interactive. “When looking to the future, we see possible worlds. Some frighten us, others cheer us up, but all have great potential for exploration. What we do now will define the rest of the century. It is the maximum opportunity for companies to think and act differently.”

According to the study, the pandemic brought chaos and tragedy and clarity, and some positive surprises. The crisis has highlighted what is important to people and has inspired a community and innovative spirit, even within the home. The result is a new set of challenges for companies: how to respond from an operational and communication point of view; how to meet the growing number of consumer expectations; and how to make the world more empathic ꟷ all of this while we struggle to survive in a precarious economy.

With practical tips on how companies can help shape the 21st-century renaissance, Fjord Trends 2021 looks at seven emerging trends that will define business, consumer behavior, and society in general. They are

  1. Collective displacement
  2. Do it yourself innovation
  3. Sweet teams are made of this
  4. Interaction wanderlust
  5. Liquid Infrastructure
  6. Empathy challenge
  7. Rituals lost and found

They are fully described here: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/insights/interactive/fjord-trends


“Innovation doesn’t start with technology, but as we’ve seen over the past year, it can be an important tool to unleash human creativity, even in chaos,” says Brian Whipple, managing director of Accenture Interactive. “The next year will be marked by hope. We witnessed and were part of major changes in our society. These trends indicate how we will think and act over the next few months – what we will take with us and what we will leave behind. We can improve, and people deserve the best.”

Each year, Accenture Interactive brings together the main trends in business, technology, and design for the coming year from its global network formed by more than 2,000 design and creative professionals, spread over more than 40 locations. Fjord Trends 2021 focuses on the way people, organizations, and brands meet human needs. Follow the discussion on Twitter with #FjordTrends.



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