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04 de outubro de 2017
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Proud of their food, people, and processes, 900 Brazilian McDonald’s restaurants have joined a program called Open Door, that invites customers to visit their kitchens and know more about the how, where and who prepare their food.

Kitchens are ready to be inspected by customers as soon as restaurants open its doors. During the first semester of 2017, one million people accepted the invitation. Another one million are expected until December.

“Open Door is a commitment at McDonald’s. It is how we keep transparent and close to our guests” says Paulo Camargo, president of Golden Arches in Brazil. “One million visits are a mark to be celebrated”.

Open Doors program started in 2014 in Latin America and up until now, more than 5 million customers have had the opportunity to get a better look inside the kitchens. “We are the only restaurant in our segment that invites customers to check how we cook and what we cook. Why we do that? Because we are proud of our products, our food and cooking processes”, says David Grinberg, Corporate Communications Director at McDonald’s Brazil.

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