29 de junho de 2023

Cutting Edge of Creativity: Highlights and Reflections from the Cannes Festival for Communication Professionals


In May 2023, I was honored to represent Gerdau – the leading Brazilian steel company – in its début at the Cannes Creativity Festival. At the event, I sought to expand my creative excellence and innovation knowledge and create new connections. We had intense days with a lot of sharing, reflecting, and learning, and that brought some interesting insights into the future of branding and communication.

First, I noticed the protagonism of tech companies, such as Meta, Google, and TikTok. They organized several satellite events, dominating the media conversations. One discussion, for example, approached their role around a new global geopolitical order. Also, on this front, it was almost a consensus that AI has come to stay but is at the service of creativity and not against it.

Fortunately, I witnessed an increase in B2B companies, such as Gerdau, at the festival, showing that the manufacturing and industrial industries are willing to expand their dialogue with society. In fact, B2B was even an official award category.

The numerous round tables and panels also reinforced the role of communication as an agent of positive impact on society and the importance of taking the ESG concept as a content and communication tool. I also noticed a more significant presence of corporate communication professionals – like me – in Cannes, thus reaffirming that, faced with the challenges presented, these professionals must increasingly take the role in the global communication industry.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Gerdau also made its debut not only as a spectator but also as a competitor in three categories – Sustainable Development Goals, Entertainment, and Entertainment for Music – with the case of the construction of Rock in Rio Brasil 2022’s stage Mundo using more than 200 tons of Gerdau 100% recyclable steel. I am very proud to have shared our case with colleagues from various countries during the festival, highlighting the importance of the recycling chain in people’s lives and for sustainability.

It is vital to feed our vision not only about communication and brand but also about plural experiences on creative fronts. Even as a B2B company, Gerdau is increasingly looking to connect the brand with more people through innovative communication and engagement experiences, positioning the company as a loved brand in the industrial sector. And in Cannes, it was no different.



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Pedro Moraes Torres Pinto is a global Corporate Communication and Institutional Brand leader at Gerdau.

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