01 de junho de 2017

Women in Communication, strengths and challenges

Understand the challenges faced by women in the working environment is the theme of the study “Women in Communication – Strengths and Challenges”, coordinated by Aberje president Paulo Nassar  – professor at the School of Arts and Communication at University of Sao Paulo, and Carlos Ramello, partner and director at DMR Consulting.

Between February and March this year 478 communication women professionals were heard about work related issues. 83% had continued their education, either by post graduating degrees or specialization courses; 95% were employed and 91% spoke another language, mostly English and Spanish.

“Knowledge is paramount to change the world we live in,” says Paulo Nassar. The study showed that 73% of the respondents think their main challenge is balancing personal and work life. For 45%, the main issue is the gender wage gap.

“What we gather is that work demands are higher due to smaller office staff and overload on those who were able to keep their jobs. But, on the other hand, it also shows a mistaken view on household chores as feminine responsibility”, says Nassar.

The full study was published in the Corporate Communication Yearbook 2017, an annual review of the sector published by Mega Brazil, released this May.





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