20 de setembro de 2018

Votorantim launches an app to help vote decision

As part of the celebration of its centenary, Votorantim – an associated company of Aberje – launches an application to help voters in the upcoming general elections, called Guia do Voto (Voting Guide). The Votorantim Institute developed the project. The company’s goal is to reinforce its commitment to the future of Brazil – mainly through its activities in matters related to education and citizenship.

Guia do Voto aims to help voters find the party that most matches their convictions and worldviews. “Choosing who to vote on will be the most important decision of many Brazilians this year,” said Raquel Leite, from the program management area of ​​the Votorantim Institute.

In the app’s presentation, Votorantim’s CEO João Miranda also stressed the importance of Brazilian democracy by recalling the path that the company has traveled over the past 100 years. During the process of using the app, created in partnership with political scientist Humberto Dantas, the user can say what are the priorities for the country among areas such as fighting poverty, education, public safety, or mobility.

One of the sensitive points of this type of application is what happens to the data. Votorantim emphasizes that there will be no use or disclosure of information provided by users. The app is available for both Android and iPhonoe smartphones. You can also access the guide through your browser on a computer or smartphone.



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