11 de julho de 2016

Votorantim Cimentos Promotes Global Campaign About Safety

The challenges of orchestrating a global campaign are often considerable. Votorantim Cimentos, one of the world’s ten largest companies in the building materials industry, launched the third edition of Global Safety Day, a global campaign about security, coordinated by its communications department located in Brazil. The initiative took place on June 9th with the motto “Safety is my greatest legacy, a value that passes from generation to generation”.

Viviane Mansi, global manager of Branding and Internal Communication and project leader, points out that the company reviews the topic of safety on a daily basis. In addition to a series of activities, monthly reports and analysis, the campaign will reinforce the company’s vision on a global level, so that all regions can reflect on this theme.

For a company that has more than 15,000 employees in 14 countries, the communication of the campaign faces many challenges. “The first [challenge] is to find an approach that is valid for all these countries, whose variety of cultures is quite significant”, says Mansi. “The second is to create each part of the campaign in ways that allow for local adaptations”.

On the day of the campaign, there was a global video conference with the CEO Walter Dissinger and the regional heads. The leaders then dialogued with their teams so that the information reached all levels. The purpose of this was to deliver the message of safety in a personal way. Another part of the campaign was the use of the company’s internal channels to promote the production of content and interaction by employees: they posted pictures, told stories and wrote testimonials – not only about their experiences within the company, but also about their families and friends. “All of this is an attempt to help the employee feel free to talk about the situation and, for example, to warn and protect their peers when they see some risk,” says Mansi.

“The Global Safety Day is a relevant initiative because it legitimizes and puts into practice one of our strategic pillars – sustainable practices, where safety comes first. It also demonstrates that communications can make an important contribution in reinforcing and disseminating the company’s strategy”, says Malu Weber, Global Head of Corporate Communications and Brand Management.


Votorantim Global Safety Day 1
Global Safety Day: video conference transmit message of the CEO
Votorantim Global Safety Day 2
Global Safety Day: all regions real time


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