28 de novembro de 2019

Study points to Brazilian negligence in the Amazon

A country that has weak management of environmental issues and disqualifies the debate actors with positions contrary to their own. This was the country’s international image in the recent Amazon crisis, according to an independent study by image and reputation consultant Curado & Associates.

The consultancy used the iVGR methodology –  Value, Management, and Relationship Index –  to reach this result, based on material published on the topic in ten major media outlets from July 1 to September 30, 2019. Developed by Curado, in partnership with statisticians from the Federal University of São Carlos, as well as journalists, linguists, and philosophers, iVGR identifies attributes perceived by the public and quantitatively assesses this impact, setting a score in a range from -5 to +5. Brazil’s score on this indicator was a strikingly low -3.01. In Value, the most perceived attribute was Irresponsible (20.69%), mainly due to the association of fires and the increase of deforestation with the Brazilian government’s policy of encouraging the abusive exploitation of the Amazon by miners and the agricultural sector, and the loosening of supervision against environmental crimes. In Management, the most perceived attribute was Vulnerable (42.77%), due to the government’s negligence in conducting its environmental policy. In Relationship, Brazil was classified as Impulsive (9.48%) and Arrogant (9.02%). Impulsiveness was projected by hostile statements by the Brazilian government, especially President Jair Bolsonaro, against French President Emmanuel Macron. The arrogant label was due to the disqualification of scientific data attesting to the increased outbreaks of fire and deforestation.



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