31 de maio de 2019

Souza Cruz innovates with supplier relationship program

A program called “Seja um Fornecedor” (Be a Supplier), launched earlier this year by Souza Cruz has presented its first results. The main goal of the program is to create a new process of approach between companies and suppliers, facilitating communication and aligning expectations of partnerships. With the program, the company renewed the enrollment cycle for companies interested in presenting solutions to it’s own’s business areas.

The first stage of the program received more than 150 entries, categorized into 13 different areas. “We needed to go beyond the traditional business model, with a new, more agile and less bureaucratic process. The program has proposed something innovative: bring companies to tell us what their business can do for us, talking directly with Souza Cruz professionals who work in the area impacted by this business. The focus is on the solutions that will be presented and, for this reason, we do not restrict revenue, size, or other details. There is no right or wrong answer here. We are looking to the future, and we want partners who bring more innovation and creative solutions to the industry”, says Souza Cruz head of Supply, Guilherme Loponte.

Souza Cruz has subverted the logic of the procurement area: now, instead of the traditional search for suppliers from a need, companies have a direct online channel to register their innovative solutions and then present them in person.



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