07 de maio de 2019

Seven Brazilian companies compete in Fundacom International Awards

The third edition of the Fundacom Awards – a project that promotes communication in Portuguese and Spanish, of which Aberje is the representative in Brazil – takes place in Madrid on May 9. The event recognizes the importance and good practices of Communication in both languages.

In 2019, seven Brazilian companies compete in the awards’ final.

  • In the Governmental Entities, Associations and NGOs category, Caixa Econômica Federal participates with its project “Withdrawals from Inactive FGTS Accounts”;
  • In the Corporate Communication Global Strategy category, Unimed-Rio presents the “UnimedRio” project, and Saint-Globain Brasil brings “80 years of dreams under construction”;
  • In External Digital Support category, SuperVia competes with the project “Tô de Love no Trem”;
  • In Innovation in Communication category, EDP Energias do Brasil competes with the project “The Energy of Portuguese Language”;
  • In External Social Responsibility category, the Roberto Marinho Foundation presents the project “Portuguese Language Museum”;
  • Finally, the “Livro UM BRASIL # 6” project, from FecomercioSP, competes in Sustainability Report category.

The complete list can be checked on this link.

The award is part of the CIBECOM’2019 program, which this year arises from the questioning “What will shape the future of organizations in an increasingly volatile, ambiguous and uncertain environment?”. The event deals with issues related to Technology, Emotion, and Adaptation and you can register at https://cibecom.lat/.



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