30 de novembro de 2017

Saying NO to childhood obesity


NO is the name of the programme created by Amil, the largest healthcare organization in Brazil, that brings together actions in mass communication, education and health promotion across multiple channels, to increase awareness and change attitudes towards diet and physical activity. One of its keystones is the internet portal www.obesidadeinfantilnao.com.br that offers technical content on the subject, including interviews with doctors, dieticians, psychologists and teachers, designed to help empower families to deal with the condition.

“The prevalence of overweight and obesity has serious consequences. It is a major risk factor for having other chronic conditions and diseases such as asthma, bone and joint problems, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. As a health insurance company, dedicated to promote health and a better quality of life, we have embraced this matter to help eradicate it”, says Odete Freitas, Sustainability Director at Amil.

This year, the campaign has focused the relationship between parents and kids, stressing the power of love that is capable of overcoming the most difficult challenges, such as childhood obesity. A partnership with Unicef in promoting health and healthy eating habits was also a major step ahead.

The program has received the Marketing Contemporaneo ( Contemporary Marketing) prize with the case “Childhood Obesity NÃO: a program to promote Brazilian children’s health”, winner  for Social Responsibility and Sustainability. “Fighting against childhood obesity is in line with our mission to help people lead a healthier lifestyle. Prizes like this are important to remind us that we are on the right path”, says Freitas.



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