28 de janeiro de 2020

SAP Brasil and Amazon Web Services join the “Algorithm of Life” initiative

A new partnership between SAP Brasil, an Aberje associate, and Africa and Amazon Web Services (AWS) seeks to improve and expand the scale of the “Algorithm of Life,” a project created by the agency to prevent suicide through analysis of public posts on Twitter. Leading companies in the technology sector join the project to improve the tool, increase its effectiveness, and enhance its reach.

The partnership with SAP will allow the solution and the database to be replicated in an SAP HANA Cloud environment for refinement of the algorithm by SAP specialists. These include database improvements and application of predictive intelligence (SAP Analytics Cloud), capable of identifying behavioral changes in the monitored profiles and signal when immediate action is needed. Together, SAP and AWS provide a team of data analysts and solution engineers who will work on the continuous improvement of the “Algorithm of Life.”

The entire Algorithm of Life platform will run on the Amazon Web Services cloud environment, which will also scale professionals from its team of solution architects to work on the application development. Africa and Bizsys developed the original solution.

For Africa, in addition to the technical knowledge provided by SAP and AWS, the partnership adds an analytical view, based on data, which will allow you to have total control of the tool, as well as a real-time diagnosis of the monitored profile.

Studies by mental health experts indicate that people with depression repeatedly use a certain group of words as a kind of “depression grammar’ to indicate, even in the early stages, the occurrence of the disease. Naturally, these signs are also present in behavior on social networks.

Based on this data, the Algorithm of Life was created, an algorithm capable of identifying a huge variety of words, expressions, and phrases that can indicate symptoms of depression in users’ public posts on Twitter. After this first phase of identifying the sequence of words and expressions, a careful check is carried out by a trained team to consider context, ironies, and recurrence of terms and periodicity.



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