26 de outubro de 2018

Roche Farma discusses well-being in the digital era

Roche Farma Brasil promoted the 6th edition of Wellbeing Week, a program of activities focused on the well-being and reflection of the habits of employees. It was held in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The central theme of this edition is “The Offline Life” and is aligned with more than 150 countries in which Roche operates. The activities are chosen based on the suggestions of the employees. “We understand that to bring health solutions to the population, we have to start internally. This year’s theme is intended to make employees reflect how they are using their smartphones, social networks, and even the company’s work tools that aim to help them on their routine and often fall into disuse,” says Denise Horato, HR official at Roche Farma Brasil.

The Wellbeing Week workshops aim to address nutrition, well-being and quality of sleep. The events included a participation of the Empathy Museum, which addresses how to tackle challenges such as prejudice, conflict and inequality, and lectures on parenting. On the last day, staff could bring their pets to work.



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