11 de julho de 2016

Pirelli Campaign Reveals Stories of Good Deeds by Brazilians

Pirelli, sponsor of Christ the Redeemer, has been active since 2014 in financing renovation and preservation projects of the monument, which today is the most recognized icon in Brazil. The initiative has been carried out in partnership with the Archdiocese of Rio de Janeiro, to promote not only infrastructure projects, but also social themes connected to Christ the Redeemer.

Along with the new preservation projects of the monument, Pirelli and the Archdiocese launched a new website called Open Arms. On the site, the user can watch a video of the project, and then is guided through the interior of Christ the Redeemer until they reach the heart of the monument. There they can see the stories of Brazilians who have opened their arms to help those in need. Pirelli’s objective with this project is to highlight positive stories that are little known to the public and which demonstrate the true strength of Brazil and its people.

Cristo Redentor (Imagem: divulgação)
Christ the Redeemer (Photo: Reproduction)

The project is based on the experiences of everyday Brazilians who have performed good deeds in the community where they live. Pirelli intends to show that just like the Christ the Redeemer monument, thousands of Brazilians have also opened their arms to improve the lives of their countrymen. According to Marco Cortinovis, director of Media Relations at Pirelli Latin America, the goal of the project is to consider the moment of crisis we are going through and to publicize these positive initiatives.

The website has already gained attention in traditional media, but now, according to Cortinovis, the focus is on social networks. “Clearly the focus is on more exposure in social media, using a wide variety of platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – to introduce it”. Finally, he noted that the initiative has been very well received by the Pirelli headquarters because it “strengthens the image of the brand within the country, keeping in mind that the company has been a leader in the Brazilian market for many years”.



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