21 de setembro de 2018

Odebrecht advances on its journey for integrity

A series of meetings promoted by the Odebrecht Group with entities from the productive sector and the higher education institutions in Bahia seeks to demonstrate that the group has become safer and ethics-driven. Since 2017, Odebrecht’s business reconstruction has been occurring more intensely in the state where the company accumulates more than 830 projects. Odebrecht is an associate of Aberje.

In addition to promoting meetings with representative entities from various industry sectors, Odebrecht has already received more than 800 students at its headquarters in Paralela. Another aspect of the public relations program implemented by the Group is to participate in forums and debates in schools, which has already happened on several occasions throughout the year.

The strategy of bringing the new Odebrecht closer to the representative bodies and the Accademia – to account for what has been implemented in the Group regarding governance and compliance – has already leveled the reputation to double the national average, according to data compiled by the Reputation Institute in December 2017.

Another pillar of the Group’s work is the permanent training of its 58,000 members focused on Compliance. Compulsory training has been an important mark on Odebrecht’s journey of integrity over the past two years. At the moment, Odebrecht SA has a “Conflict of Interests” training with 100% of its employees. “It is our commitment, in practice, to ethics,” says Odebrecht SA’s Communication Manager for the Northeast and director of the Aberje Bahia chapter, Marcelo Gentil.



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