28 de maio de 2020

Novartis adopts measures to combat and prevent Covid-19

Pharmaceutical Novartis, an Aberje associate, is monitoring the transmission of Covid-19 and taking a series of preventive measures

Concerned with the health and physical and mental well-being of its employees during the pandemic, Novartis is expanding the support offered to those who work remotely. “We are aware that adapting to work from home is a challenge and a novelty for all of us, who continue to reconcile our family, domestic and professional routines,” said Julia Fernandes, director of People & Organizations at Novartis.

Julia Fernandes

The company continues to invest in employees’ curiosity and self-knowledge, based on leadership using the ‘Unboss’ concept, that is, less hierarchical, with leaders who serve the team and unleash people’s potential. The measures adopted by the pharmaceutical company cover several aspects.

Health and Safety

All Novartis employees allocated at the headquarters in Sao Paulo, as well as field staff and administrative staff at the Cambe and Butanta factories, are working remotely from their homes. The company offers psychological help, with daily virtual sessions of the Energized for Life program, which provides health tips, healthy habits and eating, mindfulness, home ergonomics, and professional routine combined with children and pets at home. The mental health support app Tignum X was also made available. For those who need emotional and psychological support, the company provides personalized service by phone.

Virtual chats are also held between leaders, the medical area, and employees to answer questions about the moment and the pandemic. On March 30, the company promoted a free vaccination campaign against Influenza A and B to employees, extended to their families, third parties, interns, and apprentices.

Novartis has ensured that there will be no layoffs or wage cuts during the crisis and that all hires and promotions will proceed as planned.

LEXIBILITY FOR EMPLOYEES – For remote workers, specific times for meetings after 9 am, respecting the lunch break from 12 pm to 3 pm and ending at 6 pm.

LEARNING – The company is making countless learning resources available on Coursera, a virtual course platform with 3,800 online modules from renowned international universities, in several languages. Another support for homeschooling is the Khan Academy, available in Portuguese with a focus on child learning.

DONATIONS – The company created a global fund to support communities impacted by the pandemic. The Novartis COVID-19 Response Fund will donate 20 million USD to support public health initiatives. Besides, it announced the donation of 130 million doses of generic hydroxychloroquine to support the treatment of Covid-19.

Sandoz, the company’s generic and biosimilars division, has pledged to keep prices stable for essential drugs that can help treat coronavirus cases — specifically and antibiotics used in fighting pneumonia.



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