15 de abril de 2019

Museu da Pessoa deposits collection in the Arctic World Archive

An extract of 100 hours from the collection “Memória de Brasileiros e Brasileiras” (“Memories of Brazilians”) – with more than 2,000 digitized photos and 300 life stories recorded by Museu da Pessoa between 2006 and 2016 – has been deposited in the Arctic World Archive. The founder and director of the Museu da Pessoa (“Musem of the Person”), Karen Worcman, was the bearer of the material incorporated into the archive on the island of Svalbard, Norway.

Created from the association between PIQL, a state-of-the-art archival preservation company, and the Norwegian state mining company Store Norske, the Arctic World Archive is a disaster-proof safe located on an Arctic mountain on the remote island of Svalbard in Norway, one of the most geologically and geopolitically stable places in the world. It aims at ensuring that the world’s digital memory is preserved and available to future generations.

The Arctic World Archive sits on the remote island of Svalbard, Norway, and is a repository for world memory. “To include the memory of our country through the history of ordinary people is a Brazilian innovation and means understanding the value of each person for the construction of a society. In 500 years, it will be possible to know how Brazilians of all classes, regions, and genres lived, though, and felt by this tool of democratization of memory,” says Worcman.



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