02 de março de 2020

Mongeral Aegon celebrates 185 years with a new brand

With the announcement of the new MAG Seguros brand, the company brought together employees, business partners, and other strategic audiences at the annual Magnext convention

MAGNEXT — the annual convention of the insurance company Mongeral Aegon, one of the most recognized events in the insurance industry — had an extra motivation for the participants. At the event held in February, the company celebrated 185 years of activity — it is the longest-lived insurance company in Brazil — and introduced the name change to MAG Seguros.

The new brand reflects the company’s modernization and innovation in one of the most conservative industries in the country. The use of simpler names in brands is already a trend that has happened in recent years in the country in several business segments. This was the path chosen by Mongeral Aegon — MAG was a nickname created naturally by employees.

“Changing the name of a brand does not happen overnight, nor is it a simple decision. This is even more latent when we are dealing with a company that is almost 200 years old. However, we go to great lengths to move forward. We carry out quantitative and qualitative surveys. We listened to consumers, costumers, leaders, and employees. We involved all the companies in the group in achieving this result,” says Nuno Pedro David, Marketing Director at Grupo Mongeral Aegon. According to David, the simplest, shortest, and most effective acronym will contribute to the recognition of the brand in the Brazilian market and among the company’s stakeholders.

Another central axis of the event was the company’s positioning concerning the theme of Longevity. This is the cause embraced by MAG Seguros, which counts on the Mongeral Aegon Longevity Institute, an organization that promotes the discussion of the social and economic impacts of increasing life expectancy in Brazil.

(Credits: Chico Ferreira)


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