02 de março de 2020

Mercedes-Benz presents the new Corporate Communication manager

To maintain a close relationship with the press, to whom it wants to serve with quality, agility, and transparency, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil – Aberje’s associate company – introduces its new Corporate Communication manager, Camila Franco.

The executive has worked for more than five years in the Company and ten in the automotive sector. From now on, she is responsible for Corporate Communication, Internal Communication and Relationship both with the Economy and Business press as well as with colleagues specialized in Commercial Vehicles (trucks, buses, and services).

“I am very motivated and happy with the new challenge, which starts in 2020. Together with my Mercedes-Benz Communication partners, we will continue to honor our commitment to you, fellow journalists and opinion leaders, to always serve you with the same excellence as the three-pointed star,” says Franca.

Camila Franco



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