18 de maio de 2016

Meeting of Lidercom CEOs hosts Clariant’s Head of Global Communications

Lidercom CEOs had their second meeting in April, at the association’s headquarters. Kai Rolker, Head of Global Communications at Clariant, spoke about the challenges facing Global CCOs (Chief Communications Officers).

The executive has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Tübingen, Germany and masters in communications from HSW Lucerne. He assumed the position as Head of Communications at Clarinet in 2012 and two years later became Head of Global Communications. His responsibilities include Marketing Communications, Brand Management, Media Relations, Internal Communications, Strategic Communication and regional communications.

Rolker spoke about some of the responsibilities of the communications leadership in a corporation. It is his belief that the CCO must be the guardian – the gatekeeper – of the company’s narratives. They must also work as an adviser to the CEO and other leaders in managing the relationships with stakeholders, and maintaining the corporate reputation with these groups.

Kai Rolker, Head of Global Communications at Clariant
Kai Rolker, Head of Global Communications at Clariant


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