30 de agosto de 2019

Manuela Ponfick takes on Internal Communication Management at Unisys

Aberje associate Unisys has just announced the appointment of Manuela Ponfick for the Latin America Marketing and Communication team. A professional with ten years of experience in management consulting, communication and strategy in digital technology environments and Brazilian startups, Ponfick arrives at the company as Internal Communication Manager. Her mission is leading the area’s strategies and enabling the organization’s interaction with its team of collaborators in the region.

Manuela Ponfick is the founder of Soulcomm, a startup-focused communications, and marketing agency, and has spent her career at Deloitte and SAP. She has a degree in Marketing from ESPM and is an active volunteer in the production and mentoring of Startup Weekends focusing on fintechs.

Manuela Ponfick


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