11 de julho de 2016

LATAM, the Most Significant Media Campaign in the Airline Industry

Since the beginning of May there has been a noticeable change in Brazilian airports: the visual identity of TAM has taken on a new look stemming from the merger between the Brazilian airline and the Chilean carrier LAN. As a result of an agreement signed in 2012, the LATAM group has now become the largest operator of Airbus in Latin America.

LATAM Airlines
LATAM Airlines

All changes will be made gradually and should be completed within roughly three years. During this transition the new company will make modifications such as the standardization of protocols, services and frequent flyer programs. The visual changes were introduced on April 28th, including the unveiling of a new logo and aircraft design at simultaneous events in 27 countries where the Group operates.

A new website has also been launched and is available in six languages. On the site, passengers can book their tickets, check-in, view flight status in real time, receive alerts and access useful information about their trip.

To support the new products and services that mark the arrival of the LATAM global brand, the Group has also launched an integrated marketing campaign in all the countries where it operates.

Gislaine Rossetti, director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability at LATAM
Gislaine Rossetti, director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability at LATAM

Gislaine Rossetti, director of Institutional Relations and Sustainability at LATAM, says that the news of this new partnership has been publicized with the “implementation of a new magazine and digital platform, Vamos/ LATAM, which provides information about Latin America in various formats and is available in Spanish, Portuguese and English”.

With the start of operations, the first aircraft with the LATAM design, a Boeing 767, took off from Rio de Janeiro on May 1st. It was bound for Geneva with the mission of returning to Brazil with the Olympic Flame. The plane was specially prepared for the occasion and returned to Brasilia, where the the beginning of the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay took place. The relay will pass through more than 300 cities in Brazil.

Rossetti adds that the greatest challenge for the Group is that “in addition to creating a new cycle of growth and overcoming the uncertainties in Brazil, we will need to consolidate our new unified brand, LATAM, and by doing so, strengthen our leadership in Latin America. Our mission is to connect people and make it possible for the dreams of our customers to always reach their destination”.

LATAM supports Aberje’s international project.



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