06 de maio de 2020

Karla de Melo takes over the communication of the Mint

After 20 years at Grupo Vale, Karla de Melo left the position of Corporate Communication manager at the global mining headquarters and has started as head of the Corporate Communication and Reputation areas linked to the presidency of the Casa da Moeda do Brasil (Brazilian Mint). With 25 years of experience in the Communication area, Melo has a degree in Public Relations from Universidade Salvador (Unifacs) and has worked in the sectors of culture, technology, telecommunications, steel, and mining.

In two decades at Vale, Karla experienced the company’s most challenging moments: from building its reputation, which became strong as the company was re-introduced to its various audiences in the 2000s, until its worst recent crises. She moved to Casa da Moeda in March 2020, already taking over the communication management of the post-pandemic crisis.

“At the present pandemic moment, the areas of Reputation and Public Relations are even more relevant to reinforce the strength of the purpose, the long-term vision, and the win-win relationship in companies,” said Melo.



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