08 de dezembro de 2016

Fundacom brings together communication associations


It’s official now: the meeting that initiated the activities of Fundacom – a non-profit organization – has happened in November. Twelve associations were present: Aberje and Conferp (Brazil), APCE (Portugal), Asodircom (Dominican Republic), AURP (Uruguay), CICOM and PRORP (Mexico), CECORP (Colombia), CPRP and Circulo Dircoms (Argentina), FOCCO (Chile) and Dircom (Spain).

“We aim to facilitate the influence, knowledge, networking and education of professionals in the strategic communication area”, explains Montserrat Tarrés, president of Fundacom. To help achieve this goal a conference, Cibecom, is being prepared, directed to professionals in corporate communication that work with the Portuguese or Spanish languages. The first edition will be held in Miami, from April 5th to 7th, 2017.

Paulo Nassar, director-president of Aberje and professor at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, highlighted the importance of transparency, sustainability and reputation as three of the foundations of Cibecom.

Fundacom International Award is also open for submissions, until the January 31st, 2017, aiming to recognize the best communication projects worldwide in Portuguese and/or Spanish. Details at www.fundacom.lat





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