02 de julho de 2020

Fundacom awards Nissan do Brasil and FCA

Car manufacturers stood out among 280 registered projects; award recognized the best communication practices disseminated in Portuguese and Spanish around the world

The winners of the Fundacom 2020 Awards were announced on June 25 in a virtual ceremony broadcast on the Fundacom on Youtube, which featured Venezuelan writer and political scientist Moisés Naím. Two Brazilian projects were awarded among the 280 registered from seven Ibero-American countries. They were Nissan do Brasil Automoveis’s “Nissan Expedition Book” project – competing in the External Publication category – and FCA – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Latin America’s “Impact of Communication via TVFCA, Lives, and FCAtubers” – in the category Corporate Radio and Television. 

Only Aberje Award winners can register and compete for the Fundacom Awards.

The event awarded the best projects in the areas of Strategy, Responsible Management, Campaigns, Publications, Events and Multimedia, and Digital. On occasion, professor Naím shared his view on how power has been transformed in recent times. “Everyone has a little power to block others, but nobody has the power to impose policies or strategies. In some countries, the response to the pandemic has been fragmented, improvised, and ineffective, due to such an intricate decision-making process.”

During an interview with journalist Mónica Sanz, Naím mentioned the new protagonists who have power: “We saw how people, being outraged, enraged and saddened, are making changes in policies, whether in the United States, Brazil, Chile or Spain. We are facing a new social effervescence in which crucial protagonists were not like that previously.”

The professor also spoke about the importance of leaders in promoting unity, being more empathetic and honest. “Lying has become normal,” he said, mentioning that we are all looking for brands and means that we can trust. “We are overwhelmed with information, and also under an avalanche of lies, manipulations, and distortions. We need people and institutions that can be trusted”.

Naím also suggested that one of the current dangers is the trend to worship dead ideas, which did not work and will not work. “It is imperative to have effective and realistic solutions that are not based on myths, promises, and lies.” Finally, he expressed his wish that the current circumstances force us to rethink and relaunch the relationship of Latin American states with Spain and Portugal: “It must be a more effective, efficient and intense integration.”

Watch the full video here:  Complete list of winners: https://fundacom.lat/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/GANADORES-PREMIOS-FUNDACOM-2020.pdf

About Fundacom

Fundacom is an Ibero-American platform created in 2016 that promotes communication and corporate reputation in Spanish and Portuguese around the world. Through Fundacom, companies, public and private institutions, professional associations, and the media interact on issues such as the purpose of organizations, and responsible and ethical innovation or the defense of the truth, among others.

The following Ibero-American communication associations are part of the network: Aberje (Brazil), Apce (Portugal), Asodircom (Dominican Republic), Aurp (Uruguay), Cicom and Prorp (Mexico), CPRP and Círculo Dircom (Argentina), Cecorp (Colombia), Dircom (Spain), Dircom Guatemala (Guatemala), Dircom Panama (Panama), and Focco (Chile).



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