07 de maio de 2019

Edenred Brasil renovates headquarters to stimulate innovation and creativity

Edenred Brasil has opened its new office model, which stimulates creativity in a modern, vibrant, and dynamic environment. The idea is to bring a new look to a greater connection between people.

The new layout is aligned with Edenred’s global identity, “We connect, You win.” It reinforces the position of a single, reliable, fully digital, and connected brand and is designed to provide free movement to increase the exchange of ideas and give even more comfort to employees.

The company’s headquarters has gained ping-pong tables, which can be used for both meetings and leisure time, rooms for conference calls and an auditorium with bleachers for presentations and social events. In the new structure, the work positions are not fixed, furthering mobility an, allowing workers to carry out their activities from anywhere since they all have a notebook, a digital phone, and a closet to keep personal belongings. There are more than 400 positions in the office in Pinheiros – an area of 2,000 m². “This format is linked to our global positioning, which connects people and benefits all. We have transformed our office to strengthen our internal relationship network and the concept of a modern and connected company. Thus, we encourage our employees to share and generate new ideas that contribute to the business,” says Gilles Coccoli, president of Edenred Brasil.

The new configuration also features Edenred’s co-working, which occupies an entire floor with approximately 1,000 m², and offers in an environment that stimulates the interaction of shared desks and games, squads, phone booths, restaurant, cafeteria, and auditorium with bleachers for small events and social occasions. With the visual redesign, the company also launched a new working model, the flexplace, in which the employee can work out of the office once or twice a week and balance professional and personal commitments.



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